Deepen your life connection.
Meditation Groups, Shares and Mentoring for Practitioners.
The infinite pure flow of Reiki.
Gift Certificates available.
Reiki For Animals inspires.
Reiki Certification Classes
The spirit of nature in Ishi Yama forest.

Thank you for choosing Stone Mountain Reiki

Reiki is a way for you to feel more relaxed and serene. As a Traditional Japanese Reiki Teacher / Practitioner, I am dedicated to working with you to support your well being. Since this is the first time you and I will be working together, I have included some information about my practice to help you get the most out of your Reiki session.
  • George R Pappas Photographer: Yellow Butterfly | Butterfly Sipping Nectar | Robin | Owl | Chipmunk | Cat Meditation
  • Karen Johnson Photographer: Blue Butterfly | Clay Masks | Gardens
  • Cecelia Staryos Photographer: Sewing Machine Puppy
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